Himalayan Salt Bowl

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Hand shaped from the finest Himalayan salt known for its distinctive coloration; a product of 84 natural elements and minerals it contains.

Himalayan Salt Bowls are Ionic Generators, your naturally shaped bowl is a one of a kind rock salt crystal that can generate negative Ions. Negative Ions are emitted when humidity and moisture evaporate through a salt medium such as your beautiful salt bowl. Ions promote a relaxed state in your being and have profound health benefits, actually assisting your body and mind to enter a relaxed zone known as an alpha state.

Each rock salt sculpture is a testament to the beauty and mystery of the Himalayan Mountains. Untouched for 250 million years your Himalayan Salt bowls possess an organic way to purify and stimulate your home or office. For centuries, the indigenous groups in the Himalayan Mountains region have harnessed the mystical power of salt and Negative Ions to restore energy, further relaxation and prevent disease.

Comes with a UL-listed cord and bulb assembly.