Selenite Tower

Burro Street Trading Post

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This listing is for a single (1) Selenite Tower.  These are natural Crystals and Gemstones, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as Size, Shape, Inclusions, and Color.

Selenite is a form of gypsum like Whote Sands.  It’s an exceptionally soft (2 on Mohs' scale of hardness) and brittle stone so it’s important to handle it with care. It’s most commonly found in Morocco, Australia, Greece, and the United States. Selenite can be unearthed in a variety of forms ranging from the white chalky variety which we’re most familiar with to intricate “desert roses” formations. The stone’s name derives from the Greek word “selene” which means moon.  

Selenite is an extraordinarily powerful purifier and charging stone. For this reason, it’s used to cleanse other crystals, spaces and our bodies. It naturally draws out negative energy and reinforces the essential properties of the target stone, area on our body, or home.

Helps with Protection, Truth and Honesty